Sarah Hilbert

Sarah Hilbert

Writing Samples

Salvage the Good

Old House Interiors, Vol. XVII, Number 4 August 2011

Disney branded birthday kit: Bunnytown (formerly Playhouse Disney) May 24th, 2011 Bunnytown Birthday Kit Attraction write-up, Little Man Ice Cream

Nickelodeon's Attraction write-up, City Museum


Compact Comfort

Arts & Crafts Home and the Revival, Volume VI, No. 2 March 2011

Disney branded birthday kit: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (formerly Playhouse Disney) 2009 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Kit

Highlands Revisited: Lessons in Preservation

American Bungalow Magazine, Issue 60 November 2008

Sunnyside Up: A Florida Bungalow with a Colorful Twist

American Bungalow Magazine, Issue 59 August 2008

Disney branded birthday kit: Special Agent Oso (formerly Playhouse Disney) 2008 Special Agent Oso Birthday Kit

Working Class Beauties: The Colorful Brick Bungalows of Denver's Highlands

American Bungalow Magazine, Issue 56 November 2007

The New Bungalow (Book Review)

American Bungalow Magazine, Issue 33 March 2002